A Session with Debbie
is a Unique Experience!

The InnerVision Reading
When Debbie works with Tarot, she invites you to draw the cards. You will draw those cards that have meaning for you. From relationships to business matters, Debbie will explain their meaning to you, including InnerVision wisdom for both now and in the future. This enables you to understand what is happening in your life and your choices for the future.

Debbie is a very old Soul ...lifetime after lifetime, she has been given more gifts in the Healing Arts.

Debbie has the ability to use the Universal Healing Energies to balance your energies and chakras. The touch of her hands as the energies flow through her has calmed and healed those who come to her.

Where will you find Inner Vision with Debbie?
Debbie is based in Brampton Ontario and reads in the Greater Toronto Area and may be found reading at Psychic Shows throughout Southern Ontario.

See link to First Star Event Calendar below!

You are invited to call Debbie for more informationon private consultations as well as Home Gatherings!

Call 905-792-7120

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CONTACT DEBBIE AT InnerVision@sympatico.ca